State of Florida: Geological Epochs (USGS 2005 Data)

State of Maine: Rivers/Streams/Lakes/Ponds (National Hydrography Dataset)

State of Maine: Impervious Surface Concentrations and Major Highways
(2011 NLCD and Maine DOT Data)

Interactive Map Series

Georeferenced Fallout Vectors for Operation PLUMBBOB: Shot Boltzmann Event from US Weather Bureau Data – Atomic Energy Commission File 3209

Inventory of Hazardous Dams – New York State Showing Army Corps of Engineers Phase I Inspection Results for Hazard Classifications “B" & "C” (NYSDEC Data)

Queens NY: Total Assessed Value ($) / Lot Area in Sq. Ft. (MapPluto Data)

Town and Village of Athens NY

Interactive Map of Street Tree Health for the Village of Athens NY Tree Committee

Railways of Finland
(OSM and National Land Survey of Finland data)

Custom ESRI Storymap made to help plan an eventual vacation – Hosted on GitHub Pages

My Workplaces in N’York – 2006-2018

MapBox WebGL Relief Shading: Lake Manicouagan

Scaleable Vector Graphic Map of Heavy Metal

Building Ages of Ridgewood Queens (MapPluto Data) Note: Structures built between 1800s and early 1900s usually have a Year Built date of either 1910 or 1920.

City of Lake Wales, Florida: Land Cover Types (NLCD 2011 Data)

MapBox Style: World Tripoints (the meeting point of 3 or more borders)

Earth Impact Craters: The Earth Impact Database (EID) comprises a list of confirmed impact structures from around the world. To date, there are 190 confirmed impact structures in the database.

Personal Projects

Various curiosity-driven projects. Updated periodically!